Australia spends per capita on eCommerce ranks in the top 2 globally contrary to BandT artcle Australia’s digital opportunity – Facts not sourced and incorrect

I was reading an article on B&T yesterday and found some of the information contained within to go against what I knew about digital marketing in Australia.

My main issue is specifically on this point below, I just don’t buy it.  According to all the data that I have compiled or studied Australia spends per capita on eCommercre are at least in the top 3 globally.

Quote taken directly from B&T

“Australia lies only 14th globally in terms of spend on ecommerce per capita, behind the Czech Republic and Luxembourg. (The UK comes in at #1). Although this situation is changing, as retailers get their heads (plus distribution channels and pricing) around the sheer vastness of the Australian continent and reflect relative costs in their prices. ”

What I really find amazing is that people can write articles pontificate facts and not source the data and get published in reputable publication.  In science this kind of reporting would be considered un-publishable. Oh but I forgot this is marketing after all!


Australia and Norway grabbed the No. 2 and 3 spots worldwide with average annual sales of $3,547 and $2,530, respectively, per person in 2012. The larger US market lags with just $2,293 in average sales per person last year.




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