major brands pull Facebook ad spend due to it appearing against illicit content

Facebook could see a mass exodus of ad spend if they do not do more to protect brands from appearing against distasteful content.

M&S and Murdoch’s sky saw their ads appearing against a group featuring underage children with a sexual context.

Lets face it there is so much awful content on Facebook with both ads for little blue pills or slimming teas in addition to the eons of provocative content. Why have not brands mentioned this question before?

Because they are lazy or addicted to buying cheap ads that are poorly targeted in a scatter gun approach. Reminiscent of the spray and pray campaigns through direct mail but fraught with more risk in the type of content that appears in the Facebook microcosm.

IMO next people should look at their targeting of video ads in YouTube as I regularly see big brands appearing on content in the virtual world they would normally run a mile from in the real world


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