Inaugural Australian Affiliate Survey results only 11% of Advertisers are spending more than 31% on the affiliate channel

dgm announce results of inaugural Australian Affiliate Benchmarking Survey


Executive Summary

The 2012 Australian Affiliate Marketing Benchmarking survey was commissioned by online performance marketing agency and affiliate network dgmAustralia and conducted by market research company edentify, in June 2012. 

It is the first study to survey the use of affiliate marketing by media agencies and advertisers in Australia and is intended to set a benchmark for future studies to be conducted annually. The study received a total of 143 responses, with media agencies accounting for 59 respondents and direct clients 84 respondents. The results show some marked differences in the use of affiliate marketing between media agencies and direct advertisers, in both spend patterns and strategy. 

Among direct clients, the dominant sectors were Finance and Retail, with a range of insights gained about both spending patterns and strategy. 

Overall, the survey determined that there is an intention to increase spend on affiliate marketing as agencies and advertisers increase budgets or move to an uncapped ‘always on’ sales campaign. 

Key Findings

Finding 1

Media agencies demonstrate a more sophisticated understanding and application of Affiliate Marketing on behalf of advertisers, compared to companies conducting their own Affiliate Marketing.

Finding 2

The Retail and Finance sectors are the highest users of Affiliate Marketing in-house.

Finding 3

There is little consistency when it comes to capped or uncapped budgets. Media agencies are, in the large majority, capping their budgets. For direct clients, around a third are capping their budgets, while that figure for the Retail sector specifically is around half.

Finding 4

Overall there is an expectation of growth in spend across the Affiliate Marketing channel, while in the past year the majority of respondents increased their spend on Affiliate Marketing.

Finding 5

Affiliate Marketing is still in its infancy in Australia, with the majority of respondents indicating they have been engaging in the channel for 5 years or fewer. There is much scope for growth and maturity of this channel, which is encouraging for both advertisers and media agencies.

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