IAB UK Publish Inaugural Advertiser Affiliate Marketing Survey results

The IAB’s affiliate marketing council have released research into advertisers’ opinions of the affiliate marketing sector that shows the channel is set to enjoy growth in 2012.

The survey answered by 140 brands  delves  into areas such as, how much the discipline is valued and used, the size and growth of the channel as well as how easy it is to integrate into the  wider online marketing mix.

The results of the survey also highlighted a need for further education amongst the more senior level marketers with 50% of respondent stating a knowledge gap in affiliate marketing at a CEO level with this knowledge gap increasing amongst those businesses over a certain size.

The survey which was carried out to further understand how advertisers are using the marketing channel also shone a light into the amount spent within affiliate marketing – 1/4 of respondents spending more than 20% of their budget on the channel as well as the strong affinity towards the discipline with 93% of respondents stating they would recommend it as an effective marketing channel.

Overview of the research:

  • 77% of respondents said that marketing spend for affiliates had grown and 71% expected it to grow again in the coming year
  • 19% of respondents are paying out over £100k month in affiliate commissions
  • 59% of respondents worked with just one affiliate network to manage their programmes
  • Over ¼ of respondents spend more than 20% of online marketing budgets on the affiliate channel
  • Half of all respondents said that knowledge of affiliate marketing at CEO level was little or none at all



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